Optopol pct 110

מיפוי קרנית מדגם PCT-110 של חברת Optopol

מיפוי קרנית מדגם PCT-110 של חברת Optopol

Thanks to advanced digital image analysis methods a new standard in corneal topography has been developed.

The device is fully automatic.

There is no need to manually align position of the bowl.

All this is done by the computer.

The advantages are simple: faster, better and more precise measurement.

height: 515 mm
width: 260 mm
depth: 355 mm
projection method: placido rings projection
pattern colour: pure red
measurement method: digital image analysis
number of rings: 19
number of analysed points: 16000
papping methods:
local curvature tangential map,
sagital map,
results comparison,
height map,
3D map