מכשיר אוטו-טונומטר מדגם ORA G3 של חברת Reichert

מכשיר אוטו-טונומטר מדגם ORA G3 של חברת Reichert

המכשיר היחידי בעולם המודד Corneal Hysteresis באופן המדויק ביותר (Ocular Response Analyzer® (ORA) is the only device that measures Corneal Hysteresis)

Ocular Response Analyzer® G3 and Corneal Hysteresis: Make a more confident glaucoma risk assessment, with Corneal Hysteresis. Only Ocular Response Analyzer® G3 from Reichert® measures Corneal Hysteresis (CH), a superior predictor of glaucoma progression, which is more associated with visual field progression than CCT or IOP.1,3,5 Ocular Response Analyzer helps add clarity to your glaucoma decision making process. CPT Code 92145, was published for the Corneal Hysteresis measurement provided by Ocular Response Analyzer.

Corneal Hysteresis Insights: ‘The Ophthalmologist’ Advanced Glaucoma Technologies Forum

Insights on the role of Corneal Hysteresis in Glaucoma management.

Taken from the Advanced Glaucoma Technologies Forum presented by The Ophthalmologist

“Hysteresis is a very powerful risk factor for progression of the disease, and I think it’s one that’s largely overlooked. In fact, if you take Hysteresis out of the central corneal thickness measurement, central corneal thickness might not even be a risk factor for glaucoma progression. Hysteresis is absolutely critical for estimating the risk.” – Robert Weinreb, MD.

Glaucoma opinion leaders Ike Ahmed, MDE. Randy Craven, MDConstance Okeke, MDInder Paul Singh, MD, and Robert Weinreb, MD, discuss the strides made in detection and management of glaucoma, and explain the benefits of measuring Corneal Hysteresis for glaucoma risk assessment. In this round table discussion, the doctors explain how Corneal Hysteresis aids them in better predicting glaucoma progression.

“Things like Hysteresis have helped me a great deal because it does give you an understanding of the quality of the IOP. In other words if someone has a low hysteresis with a high pressure I’m much more worried than having a high Hysteresis with a high pressure,” explains Dr. Singh.