Smart Selecta Trio

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) for Glaucoma treatment

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) for Glaucoma treatment

Laser Procedures for Glaucoma

Maximum flexibility

The Lumenis Selecta® Trio represents the next generation of multi-modality products, offering retinal, cataract and advanced glaucoma therapies in a single platform. The unit’s integrated design, enhanced optics system and advanced laser cavity make the Trio one of the highest performing laser products in the market – maximum flexibility with minimum footprint.

Product Benefits

The Selecta Trio has all of the advantages of the Selecta Duet in SLT and YAG modes – along with proprietary advantages in photocoagulation mode


Homogeneous Laser Beam
Our advanced optics and laser delivery technology features uniform energy distribution across the entire laser spot area for more precise and safer photocoagulation treatment. The result is a homogenous laser spot with evenly distributed power across the full area of the spot, eliminating the potential risk for the formation of “hot spots”.

Dual Fiber Port – Instantly switch between delivery devices
Changing delivery devices is fast and easy. The Novus Spectra automatically senses the delivery devices connected to it. Laser parameters are adjusted internally to compensate for the chosen delivery device to maintain selected power density on the target tissue.

ClearView™ Filters – Optimized view of treatment site
The Lumenis ClearView™ filters’ photopic balanced coating eliminates color distortion of the treatment site while optimizing white light transmission or “brightnes optimizing light transmission. The Selecta Duet and or Trio have a built in Physician Eye Safety Filter, that protect the user from both the YAG and Photocoagulation laser wavelengths.

AcuGuide™ Micromanipulator
Accurate and safe laser beam guidance for fine-tuned laser application on target tissue.

Integrated LaserLink Cradle
Safely and conveniently stow the laser adapter when not performing photocoagulation.

Additional Features

  • Storage Space
    The Selecta table is equipped with built-in compact storage space for lenses or other accessories.
  • Ergonomic Joystick with EZGrip™ Coating
    The ergonomically designed joystick includes a convenient integrated laser fire-switch.
  • Advanced Adjustable Offset
    The Selecta features 3 posterior defocus positions with an adjustable focal point of up to 350 posterior to the aiming beam.
  • Magnification Changer
    The Selecta full Slit Lamp function includes a 6-step magnification changer.
  • Electronic Height Adjustment
    The Selecta table height can be easily adjusted using its electronic up/down switch.