Tomey TMS-4

מכשיר TMS-4 של חברת Tomey

מכשיר TMS-4 של חברת Tomey

The Topographic Modeling System TMS-4a is a device that provides information about corneal configuration and refractive characteristics. Unlike conventional keratometers, this device employs color maps incorporating the most modern computer technology, to permit easier and more accurate diagnosis than conventional devices. The TMS-4 has a “Light Cone” keratoscope with a short working distance; therefore it is easier for the operator to lift the patient’s eyelid.

Tomey TMS-4 Corneal Topographer System provides better resolution, higher accuracy, and easy operation and The laser alignment system offers high precision and repeatability. The cone design supplies extensive coverage and eliminates eyebrow and nose shadow.

TMS-4 has comprehensive software: Single, Double, Multiple. You can also customize your map with scale, map kind and so forth. Fourier Analysis gives the data with asymmetry, regular astigmatism, equal and order irregularity to you. Fourier Analysis provides 3mm & 6mm to the information. Height Change Map, Klyce Statistics, Keratoconus Screen, Enhanced Height and the software programs will also be available.

This device employs color maps incorporating the most modern computer technologies, to permit diagnosis that is easier and more accurate. Remarkable features of this TMS-4 will be the automobile shot system that eases operation and the huge array of clinical programs developed in the very long history of their TMS series.


  • USB connection
  • Auto shot function
  • Large Patient Database
  • Easy Database Operation
  • Multi-Language Operation
  • Fourier Refractive Analysis
  • Quick Data Reference
  • Built-in LCD Alignment
  • Keratoconus Screening & Other Applications