Unicos URK-700

אוטורפרקטומטר Unicos

אוטורפרקטומטר Unicos מגם URK-700

URK-700 (Auto Refractor/Keratometer)

Patent for Focusing Control Algorithm

When an operator miss focus of patient’ eyes during measurement, the system will make correction for right measurement data result. – It helps fast measurement with high accuracy – The software will help operators when they need to make measurement rapidly.

Patent Temperature Compensation Circuit

UNICOS’s new circuit detects temperature and compensates the temperature variation in measurement data. – Every users can get a reliable measurement data regardless of temperature change. – It will helps more stable repeatability and high accurate measurement data.

Comfort and Easy Operation

Mechanically the main body moves smoothly from right to left and forward to backward owing to the improved design of base sliding structure

Outstanding Features

– 7 inch Full touch screen : Various function shows in high-definition color screen.

– Comfortable and easy operation : Smooth movement for main body

– Thermal Printer

– Communication interface : Availability for free data communication by RS-232

– Consumer-oriented designs

-Function of temperature compensation : Regardless of inner temperature, right measurement data

– Function of focusing control : When an operator miss focusing of patient’s eyes during measurement, software automatically makes correction for right measurement data.

– Wireless system via Bluetooth : It allows perfect data transmission with UDR-800 and ULM-800 regardless of working environment.